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  • Finding Your Favorite Online Marketplace For Art

    Chun reviews various online marketplaces from the perspective of an art student.

  • Street Art Collectors: Two Perspectives on Value

    An investigation into what motivates collectors to buy street art. Comparing the perspectives of two collectors, Dan Ovadia, an Upper East Side lawyer, and Bianca ‘Bing’ Cruz, a pastry chef with a knack for treasure hunts, the article compares and contrasts the two subjects’ individual motivations and considerations when collecting art.

  • Artbridge Constructs Beauty

    Visual artist Rodney Durso started Artbridge after struggling to have his work seen. Today, Artbridge has transformed into a booming non-profit organization, perpetually growing, while remaining committed to it’s revolutionary ethos — that exposure must supplement, not replace compensation for work.

  • RSVP: Exploring Terms of Entry

    Vittoria hardly even goes to the grocery store, that’s how much she hates waiting in line. RSVP-ing for an art show seemed out of the question. However, as street art continues to break into the mainstream, some curators have sought new methods to account for the crowds. Vittoria spoke with a few curators to discuss how they determine terms of entry.

  • SHOP

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  • What is Good Art?

    After taking a contemporary art class at a private university in New York City, Lonnie was left with two pressing questions. What is art? How do we determine its value? Dissatisfied with the answers he was given in class, Lonnie came up with a three part rubric that aims to give an objective classification of good art.