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  • Trotter & Sholer’s LES Debut – Anak Dara: A Solo Show by Azzah Sultan

    Vittoria speaks with Jenna Ferrey opening a new brick and mortar space and the excitement for Trotter & Sholer’s first show featuring Azzah Sultan.

  • Clutter Mag’s Canbot Kickstarter

    Clutter Magazine has become an institution within the close-knit indie toy community, due to their dogged commitment and passion to the scene. Clutter’s publication covers the latest and greatest developments across the industry. The organization also hosts crucial events like Five Points Fest. Most ambitiously, though, Clutter participates in the community they’re committed to, developing their own innovative releases that advance the culture and encouraging designers to take the leap and push their talents one step further.

  • LAPIZ: Liberty Suspended

    In a transatlantic chat with Vittoria, scientist-turned-artist LAPIZ talks about the impact of his travels, his experiences, and the pandemic on his work.

  • Of Women, By Women

    Vittoria interviews curator Wendy Horwitz to discuss her upcoming group show “Of Women, By Women,” set to open December 12th at The Storefront Project,

  • Self Reflection and Artistic Evolution: Gunnar Magnus

    Vittoria sits down with fine artist Gunnar Magnus to discuss his evolution as an artist, and the development of his style as he seeks to distance himself from commercial art.

  • Life in 3-D: Savior ElMundo

    Vittoria interviews New York artist Savior El Mundo in anticipation of his 3-D Letter Show at Salomon Arts Gallery.

  • An Artist Survival Guide

    Vittoria interviews Dirt Cobain, ButterflyMush, L. Marie Cook, and Leaf8k to discuss their side hustles and street art profitability.

  • Renda… Brighter [An Illumination of the Renda Writer Story]

    Vittoria meets up with Renda Writer to discover more about the artist’s literal and figurative journey.

  • Kai Aspires to Keep it Real

    Kai began his career as a kid trying to save his father from the perils of smoking. From there, it’s all been going up, from the sale of stickers and pins to a prolific career as a street artist. After studying art at prestigious institutions, he began working in the studio as well. Kai details his experiences alongside his meteoric rise to fame.

  • Fun At Five Points

    Vittoria explores Five Points Fest for the first time and ultimately decides it was worth missing her day job for.