The Living Artist$ Gallery Proudly Presents:“TOYS” A Group Art Show

The Living Artist$ Gallery Proudly Presents:


A Group Art Show

Opening Friday, December 22, 6-10pm

@ The Mary Jane Shoppe

Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

“You can be a big kid, just don’t be a “TOY”… play nice in dem streets.”

Our latest group show, “TOYS,” is perfect for the gift giving season and also we explore what a “TOY” means within street art and graffiti culture. A “TOY” is someone who is inexperienced and unskilled and doesn’t follow the rules. At “The Living Artist$ Gallery, toys are allowed, but TOYS are not, get it? We will be showcasing artists who are character based and who are toy makers and other artists who have taken the TOYS theme and incorporated it into their work whether it be canvas, sculptures, mosaics, etc. This show is sure to bring the fun and games, even a little bit of nostalgia and it’ll be our most playful show to date!

The Living Artist$ Gallery, an experimental pop-up initiative, is at the forefront of revitalizing unused business spaces around the city, curating legal walls for street art and innovative art showcases. This endeavor not only nurtures the community of living artists but also transforms dormant spaces into vibrant art hubs, bringing a fresh wave of beautification and creativity to the neighborhood.

Don’t miss this opportunity: “TOYS” opens at our current partner space, The Mary Jane Shoppe on Friday, December 22, 2023. The Mary Jane Shoppe is located at 223 Kent Ave, hours are Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-11pm.

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