UP Magazine's Event Recap 2022

Written by UP Mag Staff

This year, in addition to our other year-end articles [2022 Editor’s Choice List and UP’s 10 Most Read Article of 2022] we’ve also compiled an event recap, to reflect on all the exhibitions, art battles, artists talks, and release parties we’ve helped produce. Though saying the pandemic is over will probably jinx it and ensure another season of doom-and-gloom, 2022 was the first year we’ve been able to focus more of our energy ramping up live painting and in-person events, as COVID-19 faded to the background of societal consciousness.

Enjoy checking out some of the events we had the pleasure of being part of this year, and stay tuned for what we’ve got cooking in 2023!

-T.K. Mills, Editor in Chief

Flyers Designed by: UP Mag, Cristina Villegas, Tiago Masseti, AHA!, PynkNYC, and more

Photos by: Ana Candela, Jeanelle Folkes, Katie Godowski, Leah Gerstel, Matthew EllerJeffrey Betts, Jaime Marrero, T.K. Mills

UP Release Party Issue 5

If you haven’t got one yet, you can order a copy of Issue 5: Icons here! (While Supplies Last)


After nearly a year of work, and several months of delay due to a paper shortage, we were finally able to release Issue 5: Icons in September. To celebrate this milestone for UP, we put together a 4 day weekend, with each day dedicated to a different aspect of the ‘ICONS’ concept. Day 1 – The Opening Reception; Day 2 – The Icons Art Market & Networking Night; Day 3 – A Scavenger Hunt co-hosted with Shooter’s Street Art; and Day 4 – An Artist Talk Panel, moderated by our own Managing Editor, Emma Riva. The release weekend was as exhausting as it was exhilarating, to say the least, with nearly 500 of the 1000 printed copies selling the first day. Scroll below for more about the show! 

Featured Artists: @jappyagoncillo @art_by_eyebrows @crashone @mike_171 @sjk_171 @optimonyc @iamfinley @jeffhenriquezart @ian_cinco @zglauber @nasrinsheykhiart @dylanegon @baston714 @tonysjoman @eyeantic @hiphopismyreligion @ladyjday @marzipanphysics @mschainkerfineart @citykittystreet @sfgrajales @turtlecaps @vk.nyc.art @paolo_tolentino @fire__flower
[Plus work from the UP Team!] @a_candela_photography @alexandria.deters.art @icaptureyou2 @katiegodowski_photography @kurtboonephotography @moderndayvixen @mrcandid0_0 @streetartdesire @wendyrandom

Vendors List:

@queenofheartsglobal @beercanvas @classyscreens @sourmousenyc @hustlenflo.co @stainednapkins @shaktidoulacollective @m.erchhh @wl_pma @birdbrainsnyc @erinwip @moirawho & @86logic @eyeofnox @ad.tumulum @blackligma @clown_soldier2021 @messenger841

Sponsors List:

@beercanvas @sourmousenyc @classyscreens @hustlenflo.co

Check out the flyers & photos below!

Issue 5 Release Party Weekend

NYC Art League Spring & Summer

The NYC Art League has become one of our staple events, hosted every third Thursday at Sour Mouse in the Lower East Side of New York. For more details on the League’s origin, you can check out this article from last year (and keep an eye out for an upcoming story on the history of Sour Mouse.) As we’ve gotten in to the rhythm of things, we’ve picked up a few regular partners – all matches are co-produced between UP Mag & Bree Chapin, and our resident MC is Prolific One. For 2022, we decided to mix things up with some team battles, scroll for more below!

Art League – Spring Team Match 1

Artists Teams : @artbydaph_ & @paolo_tolentino vs. @phillip.haines26 & @leviyev.art vs. @josiewoodss & @sameerbhatiastudio

Judges: @moderndayvixen @_pesoneto @hailtheart of @app_aha and @jamiealexandragalvis of @hustlenflo.co

Theme: 90’s Video Games

Winning Team: @phillip.haines26 & @leviyev.art

Art League – Spring Match 2 (SOLO)*

Artists: @deadheartsstudios & @yeahsurehoney vs. @mighty_math & @eyeantic
Judges: @stainednapkins @sharonvolpeartwork @miki__mu

Theme: 90’s Music

Winner: @deadheartsstudios

*Eyeantic Had to drop out last minute, so the match instead became a solo battle

Art League – Spring Team Match 2 – Produced with AHA!

Artist Teams: @russian.dollnyc @winslowworld @itsthemorning @marcushizzle @technodrome1
Judges: @hadji_art @ketrin_jones_ @iraira.me

Theme: 70s

Winning Team: @kenforbesart & @dearmrmelon

Art League – Spring Team Match 3

Artist Teams: @amandareillyart @0h10m1ke vs  @true_2020 @rendawriter vs @santiofalltrades @anwellvassell
Judges: @ijonesnewyork @sfgrajales @dajuicegallery

Theme: Jersey Devil

Winning Team: @santiofalltrades @anwellvassell

Art League – Spring Team Finals

*Artist Teams: 1) @leviyev.art & @phillip.haines26
2) @kenforbesart & @deadheartsstudios
3) @santiofalltrades & @anwellvassell
Judges: @icaptureyou2 @beercanvas @larryosan

*For the finals, there were a line-ups shifts. Ken’s partner couldn’t make it, so DeadHeartStudios filled as the winner of the solo match. And then Dream was arrested minutes before the match started, for catching a tag outside Sour Mouse. Sameer Bhatia, who had been in the first team match with Josie, showed up as a spectator and volunteered on the spot to hop in!

Theme: Good Vibes Summer – Margaritaville

Winning Team:  @santiofalltrades & @anwellvassell

Art League – Divine FeminineSOLO // Produced with PYNK NYC*

Artists: 1) @mschainkerfineart @mr.johnwright @eternalpossessions @isabel__vz @puffygator
Judges: @timeartsgallery @ricardoandrephoto @fracturedrealitystudio @caribememag

Theme: Divine Feminine

Winner: @mr.johnwright

*During the summer, we did a one-off solo match with PYNK NYC, which also featured out first Digital artists involved. Ironically, despite the feminine theme, the winner of the match was the one male artists.

NYC Art League Autumn & Winter

Art League 2022 – Autumn Team Match 1 – Theme: Dancing in September

Artist Teams: 1) @deantpagano & @mort_art
2) @eyeofnox & @marcusglitteris
3) @jamesfishersmith & @hear.eye.am
Judges: @farmboynft @_vlexvndriv @birdbrainsnyc

Winning Team: @jamesfishersmith & @hear.eye.am

Art League 2022 – Autumn Team Match 2 – Theme: Vampires Suck

Artist Teams: 1) @jonathon.shannon & @zmadartist
2) @bermeonyc & @cattcaulley
3) @loretoh.art & @amandaellyart
Judges: @earlyrisernyc @sofia.mochon.ciniglio @annalustberg

Winner: @loretoh.art & @amandaellyart

Art League 2022 – Autumn Team Match 3 – Theme: Awkward Family Dinner

Artist Teams: 1) @christine_defazio_arts & @rosafortysart
2) @jkosart & @innerdemonsnyc
3) @the_mr.man & @Miss Flurie
4) @blackligma & @thechalkjungle
Judges: @alenkacc @coolcliffstudios @lala_lonnie

Winning Team: @jkosart & @innerdemonsnyc

Art League 2022 –  Autumn Team Finale – Theme: Neon Christmas

Artist Teams: 1) @jamesfishersmith & @hear.eye.am
2) @amandaellyart & @loretoh.art
3) @jkosart & @innerdemonsnyc
Judges: @leeleelacubana @artapplenyc @bscenezine

Winning Team: @jamesfishersmith & @hear.eye.am

Other 2022 Events