UP Submission’s Contest
Q1 2024 – Winter Dreams

Selected Pieces for our Q1 2024 ‘Winter Dreams’ Submission’s Contest

(In No Particular Order)

Pieces were selected by the UP Magazine Team based on what we felt best represented the theme 

Jacob Breiter
Hi! I’m Jake Breiter (@monty_mulberry), I’m a junior illustration major at sva and I wanted to submit these two pieces for the seasonal art submissions you have opened for your magazine!
The first drawing inspired the second image, which is a paper collage statue that I colored digitally. Both celebrate the joy and love I have for the fact that every snowflake is different; something that’s always brought me personal comfort on my own art journey. Even in a snowstorm, every snowflake is special and has something unique to offer!
Jake Breiter (@monty_mulberry)

Nico Cathcart
A skull crowned with snowy flowers, crystal snowflakes, evergreen holly and spruce, and overlooked by a snowy owl in the moments before the sun rises, this piece was put together to celebrate life in the ecologically delicate northern boreal forests. This piece was on display for January at Modern Eden in San Francisco (and available still through them).

Nico Cathcart is a Deaf/Hard of Hearing painter and muralist hailing from Toronto, Ontario, and currently living in Richmond, Virginia. She strives to create socially informed intersectional work in her highly-colorful realistic activations on both walls and canvas. An experienced mural painter, she has worked on walls across the country with work to be found in Austin, Sacramento, Rochester, Birmingham, Memphis, Denver, Atlanta, Napa CA, and Wynwood Miami. Nico has been shown at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, the Hermitage Museum, CAN Network in Norfolk,  ABV Gallery in Atlanta, Modern Eden and 111 Minna in San Francisco, Blockfort in Columbus, and countless other galleries across the country. In 2020, Nico was honored as an Agent of Change for her use of activism in art by the VMHC, and in 2023 her work “Age and Grace” won a National Mural Award. You can find Nico discussing her work in the emmy-nominated documentary Mending Walls, available through PBS nationwide, as well as a TEDTalk about her work, and disability on the youtube TedTALK Channel.. Nico recently worked to curate, and take part in the national campaign, Artists 4 ERA, you can purchase prints of her portrait of trans activist Aurora Higgs, proceeds of which support the passage of the 18th Amendment, and voting rights work. In 2023, Nico was name one of the Top 40 Artists to Watch by Culture Candy and Up Magazine, and her work was featured in a book of the top 50 Women Street Artists in the World.
IG -www.instagram.com/nicocathcart
Website- www.nicocathcart.com

Luis Pedro Picasso
I am a 36 year old Uruguayan artist. I am an illustrator, designer and painter.
I am passionate about creating characters in my mind and bringing them to life. I like to work on the basis of each organism, highlight its colors and exploit them to give life.
When I was a student in high school, I was passionate about living organisms and their functioning. I love the human and animal body, dissections, and as regardless of our visible physical differences, we are all equal in our essence.
Life is a constantly expanding work of art, let us try to provide our brushstrokes.
It will be more than an honor to me to show my art to the world and see their reaction.
Winter dreams represent part of the essence of my work.
Winter is a particularly special season for me, because here in Latin America we live it in an unfriendly way. This is not my case, winter is when I create most of my works, I let myself be carried away by the aroma of the cold and the sensations it awakens in me. Each season of the year is special, but winter particularly is a season in which my creativity flows with more passion. Winter generates feelings of loneliness that make creating a work of art something mystical and personal. The heat of a brush of oil paint generates one of the most rewarding sensations, giving birth to a new work of art.
I am one of those people who aromas move us through the most hidden places of our memories and feelings lived, so winter is a season particularly full of pleasure and enjoyment.
Winter dreams it’s what I’m all about.

Tienda: https://society6.com/lppicasso
Instagram: lppicasso

Solana Beach, CA
IG: she.posse
Winter Dreams Artist (ShePosse) Statement:
As someone who personally struggles with my mental wellbeing during the darkness of winter months, creating these pieces has been especially meaningful to me. They are a reflection of my own journey towards finding strength and hope in the midst of the winter blues.

“Winter’s Embrace” is inspired by my own experience with Seasonal Affective Disorder. This condition can make the winter months feel especially lonely and bleak. The painting depicts two women standing back-to-back, connected by their hair, symbolizing the strength and comfort that can be found in meaningful fellow female friendships. It embodies my mission to promote the significance of strong women connections and the comfort and support we provide to one another, even during darker days.

“Internal Light” reflects my belief in the power of positive thinking and the importance of cultivating hope within ourselves. The piece features the goddess of winter giving an encouraging glance, a powerful reminder that even during the darkest days of winter, hope is always present.  Through this painting, I can inspire others to see the light within themselves and cultivate hope by embracing the ethereal and mystical aspects of this time of year.
ShePosse Bio:
ShePosse was born from a desire to amplify the voices of fellow female street artists. As I observed a gender divide within the community, I felt compelled to create art that would inspire conversation and dialogue on the importance of gender equality and female empowerment. My sticker and paste-up art is a reflection of this passion, a visual representation of the power of art to spark meaningful conversations and challenge the status quo.  ShePosse’s ultimate goal is to encourage and support others who identify as female to have the courage and freedom to create for the streets. By collectively creating art in public spaces, we can make our voices heard, louder and clearer than ever before, and celebrate diversity while calling for greater representation and inclusivity in the street art community.

Photographer: Jeffrey Hahn

Instagram: 8n8Photoarts

This photo celebrates a quiet peaceful walk on a snowy path in the woods. It focuses on the joys of nature just blocks from an urban center in Brooklyn. The scene reminds me of winters when I grew up north of the city where it “actually snows”.

The main focus of my photography is preserving street art such as murals, graffiti, and other ephemeral pieces. My photography can be found in reels and stories on Instagram, and private collections.   

I am a mixed media artist and I live and work in Altena, Germany. In the early creative years of my life I practiced experimental analog photography and taught photography courses. Later I switched to digital photography. In addition to my lifelong, autodidactic studies of art, I learned to work with antique glass, opalescent, colorescent and mirror glass from renowned master glaziers. Since 1989, numerous glass art objects have been created using lead glazing and Tiffany technology. From 2000 to 2010 I mainly devoted myself to computeraided graphics, image processing and programming. I realized cross-media projects (internet and intranet) as well as public relations and digital art. Since 2010 I have been concentrating on abstract mixed media paintings and sculptures, which were presented in a renowned art gallery. My artwork can be seen in international museums, international art platforms, local exhibitions and private art collections. You can find a detailed overview at www.stylish-arts.com . Artwork: WINTERDREAMS As the source material for my latest digital image in the graffiti style, I used a typical winter scene from my home region of South Westphalia. I took a long exposure with my high-resolution camera when the sunset was well advanced and there was frost. The photo shows a typical winter landscape silhouette with outlines of bushes and an inhabited house in the forest with smoke rising from the chimney. The colors of the photo have not been changed, but correspond exactly  to the evening scenery. To increase the contrast and the impression of the image, I added a three-dimensional lettering “WINTERDREAMS” in a graffiti style. It is designed in wood-like tones and with color gradients. In keeping with the theme, I added the pretty face of an “ICE QUEEN” into the picture. When she was young, she was vice master in figure skating in the local region, making her a real ice queen. If you want to know more: She is MY ice queen. In the picture she looks thoughtfully at the wintry landscape scene from the sunset. The transparent parts of the image with the smooth transitions were a particularly big challenge in the graphic production. I find the work of art with the extraordinary play of colors in nature to be fantastically beautiful and I think that it can rightly be described as a WINTER DREAM.
Gunther Lill
Altena / Germany

Winter Dreams because Winter is the best season for me to catch the most ups & make my dreams come true
JS been writing since mid 90’s from Bushwick Brooklyn/Harlem NY painting over seas & across the U.S & crews he is down with

Marti Flicker
My name is Marti Flicker and I am submitting photos for the Winter Dreams contest in UP Magazine.
I am a street artist based in Austin, Texas. I like to combine wheatpasting and recycled materials to create self-portraits. I think of my work like tiny diary entries I leave for people to find–it feels like I am confiding in everyone and no one all at once.
I believe these two wheatpaste self-portraits fit perfectly into your theme! They are both of me, dreaming for a different season. (I hate the cold!)
You can see more of my street art on instagram: @marti_flicker

This painting captures the essence of serenity and nostalgia amidst the ephemeral beauty of a snowfall in Central Park, New York. The figure of the woman with her back turned, holding a red umbrella, symbolizes individuality and introspection amidst a landscape in transformation. The snowfall, with its white blanket, creates an atmosphere of calmness and stillness, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in contemplation and reflection. This work relates to the theme of the publication “Winter Dreams” because it invites exploration of the beauty and tranquility found in the simplest and most everyday moments of life.

Luch was born and raised in Colombia and started painting at a young age.
After a successful career as a creative in advertising and television production, he moved to the New York in 2020 to explore new opportunities and, after experiencing the pandemic in the city, was inspired to return to the things that brought him the most joy – art, photography, and music.  These again became his purpose in life.
Luch likes to experiment with different techniques in his artwork – acrylics, spray, and watercolor adding pen & ink and he has developed a unique style where his vision is fragmented by lines that represent the way he interprets and processes the beauty and fragility of the world.


Francesca Magnani

Late winter light is so distinct, and sometimes the street in New York feels dreamlike.
028- Saint Valentine at the crossroad, Bedstuy Brooklyn, February 14 2024
735- Billy on the pier, Williamsburg Brooklyn, March 3 2024
113- Josh at York, Dumbo Brooklyn, March 3 2024

Francesca Magnani is a Brooklyn-based Italian photographer, writer, teacher, and translator. Born and raised in Padua, she arrived in NYC as a Fulbright graduate student in 1997. Since then she has been telling in words and images the stories that move her while she chronicles her own life. Follow her on @magnanina and francescamagnani.com