Wall to Wall Festival 2024 - Melbourne, Australia

Written by Common State

Melbourne’s vibrant street art scene took the next step in its creative evolution with the unveiling of the city’s first official street art precinct last weekend, which transformed a long-forgotten industrial pocket of the city into a hub of creativity and expression. A stunning array of large-scare mural works now adorn the streets and buildings of a beachside suburb, as nine world-renowned street artists including Smug, Adnate, Celeste Mountjoy (Filthy Ratbag), Zoer and Blo, infused the precinct with their unique styles and perspectives.

Running across the weekend from 26-28 April, the festival drew over 8,000 visitors to witness the talents of local and international artists who unleashed their imagination onto the walls, turning ordinary streets into extraordinary galleries, providing a unique opportunity for viewers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of street art culture and see some of the world’s best artists in action. On Saturday, the streets came alive with a block party featuring DJs, food trucks, market stalls, workshops, open studios and hourly tours and tastings.

The project, curated by Shaun Hossack of Melbourne street art collective Juddy Roller, was a pioneering initiative that celebrates and showcases the transformative power of street art while revitalizing neglected urban spaces, ushering in a new era of artistic innovation and cultural revival for the city, which has long been known as the Mecca of street art in Australia and an international street art capital.