WE RISE 20 Years After 9/11

Twenty years ago, New York and the world were changed forever by the attacks on 9/11. Although we have rebuilt, we have never forgotten that day.

In memory and in honor of those affected by the tragedy, we present “We Rise” a twenty-year-memorial exhibition at One Art Space curated by Karin Batten to feature artists whom all have direct personal experience with 9/11.

Karin Batten, Peter Ruta, Megan Craig, Sjoerd Doting, and Nancy Friese had studios on the 91st floor of Tower One on 9/11. Their artist studio was destroyed with the rest of the wreckage. Karin Batten served as the director and curator of Westbeth Gallery in New York, which had a direct view of the plumes of smoke rising out of the Twin Towers.

She and the artists in the show have created new work celebrating the rebirth and rise of New York and its people. Some artists’ work captures the beauty of NYC from above, while others have transformed collected materials into stunning collages and inspiring sculptures.

This exhibition features fantastic, uplifting, and memorable works that help us all understand the loss of what came before and the positive forces of change that rose from the devastation.

“We Rise” features work by Karin Batten, Peter Ruta, Hobong Kim, Nam Joo Kim, Nina Boesch, Michael Bucher, Megan Craig, Sjoerd Doting, Mike 171, SJK 171, Elaine Forrest, Hee Soo Kim, Nancy Friese, Velvet S. McNeil, Jin Hong Kim.